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Hi. I'm Nicole
And this is the Story of my life. Welcome to it;
"Be Strong. You never know who you are Inspiring."

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love like that

Maybe it’s time for me to say we’re done.

Maybe this is the last straw. 

I’m tired of putting in the effort

And you’re just standing there.

And when I’m there for you, it’s like you expected it.

There’s no thank you.

There’s nothing anymore. 

You got too comfortable

Putting me on the back side

Always thinking I was going to stay and wait for you.

I saw today a different side. 

Where he wanted me there.

Where he sought me out. 

Where he was too distracted tracing lines with his eyes around me to focus on matters at hand. 

Where he didn’t expect me to

And the smile on his face was thank you enough. 

And that’s a love you’ve forgotten how to give.

He’s reminding me it exist.

And maybe I’m just tired of being the second choice.

The back up plan.

The one you call only when it’s convenient to you.

Maybe I’m tired of being put aside

When he’s asking me to be by his side.

When he wants to give me a love stronger than that.

Sometimes the person you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.
I like you
Looks like were holding hands, 
who knows exactly what this all could be… 

All I know is that I feel fine 
when I pretend you’re mine 
and you lie close to me. 

I’m finally laying somewhere 
where I’m happy that I’m here, 
and my troubles said goodbye 
and the heartache disappeared. 
I miss you most when I try to act 
like I don’t care about the warm hands, 
I think that we’re best friends. 

I like your face. 
That’s why I stare. 
You’re everything 
I hoped a girl could be. 

So here’s a toast to laying close. 
I’m comfy now and I just won’t leave. 
You and me we could be… 
You and me I could see…
I’m in it for the long haul… 
I like you. 
You better come back if you’re running.
I think I love him…

He does this thing,
With his eyes and his lips,
Where he smiles.
Genuinely smiles, where his face glows,
And my heart melts.

It’s not fair. But I guess I’m the only one who seems to care.

I constantly think about how perfect we would be and how different my life would be and how much happier I would be if only we could be.

But I’m the only one who sees how much I really care and to you, you’ll always seem to be blind to how I really feel.

But let’s be real, am I the only one who sees how perfect we could be? Am I the only one who sees what we really are?

It’s not fair. But I’m still the only one who seems to care.

When are you going to tell me how you really feel about me? When are you going to tell me that you love me and mean that you’re IN love with me? When are you going to hold me and never let go of me? When are you going to just kiss me? Because I just need to know. 

I just need to know that I’m not holding on to a wishful thought.

I just need to know that what I see and what I feel is not just me.

Because it’s not fair. It’s not fair. When it feels like I’m the only one who seems to care. And all I want is for you to just love me.

I’m like oh my god is this for real? 
All the feelings I feel, my heart she surely will steal
And this is so surreal
So I dive in like head first
I’ll take your best and your worst
To feel my heartbeat burst
When I’m with you I feel like I could be dreaming so kiss me goodnight
When I’m with you I feel like I could be floating so come get me high
Even when there’s nothing left to lose, I always escape to you
You’ve got the thing I was missing when I’m with you
I always get that feeling.
I want a Hyde in my life.

Steven Hyde is literally the perfect guy. He acts like he gives no fucks, just wants to vibe, is grumpy and thinks the man is out to get him. Yet as much as he tries to push everything away, deep down, he is a genuine sweet heart.

I’m in love with the idea of having a Hyde in my life. 

Happy Birthday and Happy St. Patty’s day!

Happy birthday to one of the most amazing guys I have ever met! 

Love you Mattie, I hope Italy and your new life is treating you right!

Katie and I miss you a bunches!



Tell me you like me. Tell me how you really feel about me. Pull me aside and kiss me like you mean it. Just be honest with me. I’m patiently waiting for it.


Just stop trying to push me away. I don’t know what to feel anymore. You keep changing tides on me and I’m drowning.

Friendship bracelets.